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I’d like to present to you all, the Ghibli Network, a network made for fans of the beautiful works of Studio Ghibli.The blogs in the network are blogs dedicated to reblogging and posting gifs, screencaps, music, photosets, fanart, scenery, edits, from all studio ghibli works. If you love Studio Ghibli and want more posts from them on your dash, you’ll love these blogs!
Purpose of network:
To promote the works of Studio Ghibli
To promote Studio Ghibli blogs
To get to know other Ghibli bloggers
To have people to talk with about Studio Ghibli
To have people to talk with about ideas
To gain some followers
To have fun!
So if you’re interested in following more ghibli blogs, check out the network!And if you want to apply, you can do so here!

I’m happy to welcome studioghiblish to the Ghibli Network!!
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